Knights Edge Ltd is proud to offer Battlecore™ ...the new dawn of Swords & Medieval Weaponry built for the ages!

Battlecore™ Classic Weaponry designed with flair for today's warrior. Our inventive models include design classics from actual historical periods as well as legendary and mythic lore… all with look of ancient battle arms in service for war!

Featured in our great Battlecore™ weapons offerings is a line of hand forged swords built tough, boasting full slab tang construction!

Each Battlecore™ sword is characterized by solid construction and an exclusive appearance that steps above and beyond the pages of history. Just as a birthmark is to a human's identity, subtle tooling and "creation marks" occurring during the handcrafting process in the genesis of an esteemed Battlecore piece help make it unique! We purposely recreated the look of aged “Weapons in Service"; all in an effort to give its owner the feel of a REAL weapon straight from the battlefield, not merely a wall hanger like most on the market nowadays.

Do you want to possess the most awesome sword available? Experience Battlecore™ today!